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How do I claim my VIP Brand Plate credit while on a trial?
How do I claim my VIP Brand Plate credit while on a trial?
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Looking to get started on your Brand Plate during your trial period? If you are on the VIP paid plan, you get a $149 credit towards your brand plate to cover the cost of a 1 colour Brand Plate or go towards a two or multi-colour Brand Plate.

However, we understand you may want to use your trial up before switching to a paid plan. If that's the case you can maximize your VIP trial and get the credit by following the steps below!

Maximize Your VIP Trial: Order your Brand Plate at the regular price during your VIP trial and unlock a special benefit. Here's how it works:

  • Order Now, Enjoy Later: Purchase your Brand Plate at the standard price while on your VIP trial.

  • Secure Your Savings: After your trial, when you make your first VIP plan payment, we'll credit the discount amount back to your account.

  • Stay VIP to Save: Ensure your trial ends with the VIP plan active. If you switch plans during your trial, no worries! Just make sure you're back on VIP when the trial concludes to qualify for the credit.

Important: Credits apply after the first paid cycle of the VIP plan and are forfeited if you end your trial on a different plan.

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