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A brand plate is the first step to putting your logo onto products. Before you can place your private label order, you must order a brand plate. The plate is a piece of carefully created metal with your logo cut out of it in up to 4 different sizes to fit on various products.

The brand plate is a necessary piece for ordering custom branded products and only needs to be purchased once! From here, you can brand as many products as your plan allows. The only time you will need a new brand plate is if you change your logo.

After you purchase your brand plate, and submit your logos the Blanka team will create a mock-up for you to review within 48 hours. Once you have approved the brand plate, you can start selling your products. The brand plate is a one-time fee. The only time you will need a new brand plate is if you change your logo.

Brand plate fees are structured as follows:

  • 1-color brand plate: $149

  • 2-color brand plate: $199

  • Multi-color brand plate: $249

What are my color options?

1 color = any single solid color including black or white

2 color = any 2 single solid colors including black or white

Multi-color = any combination of solid colors

Please note, because of the custom nature of brand plates, we are unable to offer refunds on brand plates.

Take a look at the article here to learn how to order a brand plate.

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