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How to bulk publish, un-publish and remove products?
How to bulk publish, un-publish and remove products?
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You can publish, un-publish and remove products in bulk on our desktop app to save you time!

  1. Navigate to the 'My Products' Page

  2. Check the 'select all' box or select the group of products you want to apply an action to

  3. Choose the action you want to complete

Things to note:

  • If you have a mix of published/unpublished items selected and chose the publish action, the items that are already in that published state will not be republished, they'll just be skipped in the operation.

  • You must un-publish products before you delete them.

  • It can take a few minutes to process depending on how many products you have. Feel free to navigate away from the page while we make the updates.

Important note: if you unpublish and then re-publish an item, you will override any other changes that you may have made to that item on your connected store.

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