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How do I unpublish a product from my store?
How do I unpublish a product from my store?

Learn how to unpublish a product from your store

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Unpublishing a product from your store is easy, just follow the steps below!

Note: When you unpublish a product, you will lose all information associated with this product. In order to keep your customizations and settings for this product, you will need to export and save your products from Shopify. Learn more about how to export your products here.

  1. Log into the Blanka app

  2. Click on the My Products page

  3. Find the product you want to unpublish

  4. Click Unpublish Product and you will be prompted with a message about this action

  5. Congrats! Your product is now unpublished and removed from your Shopify store

How do I delete a product?

If you'd like to delete a product from the My Products page, simply click "x" and the product will delete from your original selection.

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