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How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan?
How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my plan?
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Changing your plan is easy with Blanka, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Blanka app

  2. Select My Account from the left hand tool bar

  3. From there, click Change Plan to make changes to your plan

Your subscription plan may be canceled at any time. However, Blanka does not refund or prorate unused portions of a subscription. This means that if you cancel your subscription, it will no longer auto-renew, but you will retain access until the end of your subscription period.

Note: If you signed up with Blanka directly and have your payment information outside of Shopify, then before you delete the app or close your store, you must downgrade your Blanka account to avoid being billed externally. Shopify outlines this policy this in its cancellation guide.

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