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Blanka's graphic and logo design services

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Need a custom logo designed? Or simply need your existing logo traced and converted to a vector format? Blanka's design services can help! You can view a full list of the additional marketing services we offer below.

Logo tracing and conversion to vector

Do you need your logo traced and converted into high resolution vector format? We're here to help! In order to create your custom brand plate and ensure your logo looks amazing on your custom products, we need the logo to be in 1 of the following file formats: AI, EPS, or SVG. Don't have any of those? No problem, simply upload your current logo in PNG format with a transparent background and Blanka will trace and convert your logo to a high resolution vector format and provide you with all the files so you can use them on your other marketing and branding materials.

Blanka's custom logo design service

Don't have a logo or want a new one? Blanka's design team is here for you. We will create your own custom logo, and deliver all of the high-resolution file formats for you use on your website, marketing, and branding materials.


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