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How does Blanka handle returns?
How does Blanka handle returns?

Learn about our return policies

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Returns for damaged products

The team at Blanka wants to ensure you and your customers are always happy with your orders. If there is damage with your sample, inventory or customer order, then Blanka will refund the product.

If your product is damaged (e.g., cracked or broken), please reach out to us at [email protected] with necessary information and photographic evidence for investigation. We’ll do all that we can to provide the best solution depending on each situation.

Please be aware that it's normal for palettes to have some dusting around the outside of the pans - this is not considered damage.

Customer Order Returns

We currently are not able to facilitate returns of customer orders. We highly recommend that you create your own return policy to handle any situations that may arise.

In the case that a customer returns their product to the Blanka warehouse, a Blanka team member will reach out to notify you of the return. We will add the product to your inventory, that you can use to fulfil a future order by toggling the fulfil with inventory option in Blanka. Please note, we charge a $3 return processing fee for every order returned.

Note: Shipments that are returned to the Blanka warehouse because of an incorrect shipping address or attempted delivery with no answer, will not be refunded.

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