Congratulations on a successful sale! You'll immediately receive an email from Blanka notifying you of the order. Here is how to process your customer order:

1. Log into the Blanka app

2. Click on the Customer Orders page from the toolbar on the left

3. From here, you can view all your customer orders. Orders are sorted by:

  • Payment required: Orders that need to be paid for

  • Unfulfilled: Orders that are being manufactured

  • Fulfilled: Orders that have been sent to your customer

  • Cancelled: Orders that have been cancelled

4. When placing your customer order, you have the option of adding branded boxes. Branded boxes cost $0.40 each and are a great way to showcase your brand.

Note: Branded boxes are only available for private label custom products.

5. Next, you can decide to fulfil using your own inventory. This is only an option for merchants who have inventory stored at the Blanka Warehouse. In this case, you will only be charged shipping.

5. Once you've paid the invoice, our team packages and ships the product as soon as possible to your end customer.

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