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Does Blanka have an Public API?
Does Blanka have an Public API?
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Yes - Blanka has a public API!

You must be on a VIP plan to get access to our API.

If you would like access to our API to set up your online store please reach out to our merchant success team - [email protected]. We will provide you with a unique key to get access.

You can access the documentation around our API here.

Please note: Our API is in Beta mode, and is still being developed. There can be limitations. You are responsible for setting it up on your website with your development team, Blanka cannot assist with that.

Our open API allows you to set up your own integration to online stores outside of our direct integrations with Shopify, Woocommerce and Wix.

Potential use cases for using the public API:

  1. Get a full list of either unbranded or branded products.

  2. Create orders from your site that will appear in the orders tab in Blanka.

  3. Retrieve order status updates (order id, tracking code, status of order)

    1. Please note, you will need to provide a URL to us for where to send your order statuses.

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