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Does Blanka offer custom skincare and cosmetic formulations?
Does Blanka offer custom skincare and cosmetic formulations?

Custom formulation for cosmetics and skincare.

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Yes! Blanka offers custom formulation services through Blanka Labs.

There are 3 current offerings depending on what you are looking to create and your budget for the project.

  1. Small Batch Self Serve: Choose between our 5 skincare product types, select your packaging, 3 active ingredients, fragrance and fragrance intensity.

  2. Repackaging: Choose from our packaging options or provide your own packaging options from another supplier. This allows you to choose what containers you want the products to come in and have full control of what is printed on the label.

  3. Custom Formulation: Choose packaging and have full control over customizing the formulation with our team's support.

Small Batch Self Serve


Custom Formulation


Sample Order: $27/Unit

$750 USD / SKU

$2500 USD / SKU

Minimum Order Quantity

25 units

100 - 1000 units

1000 units

Sample Revisions



Up to 3


2 weeks

3 months to launch

5 - 9 months to launch

How to Get Started?

Select 'Blanka Labs' in app and fill out the form!

Once you submit the form, a team member will be in touch as soon as possible.

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