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How long will it take to launch my product line?
How long will it take to launch my product line?

Learn how long it takes to launch your product line with Blanka

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With Blanka, you have the option of immediately selling unbranded products or you can create your own branded product line. Here are the steps to creating your product line:

  1. Create a logo! Don't have one yet? Check out our additional services for logo creation.

  2. Order a brand plate. A brand plate is used to add your logo to your products. This process takes about 2 business days.

  3. Start selling on your online or retail store!

    1. We have integrations with Shopify, Wix and Woocommerce.

    2. If you sell on any other platform follow these steps for managing customer orders.

Once you start selling, please note that you can manage inventory in three ways:

  1. Order inventory to the Blanka warehouse: You order inventory upfront and store it in the Blanka warehouse for free when on a paid plan. When you receive an order we can fulfil your customer order immediately from your existing inventory.

  2. Order inventory as you receive orders: You order inventory when you receive a customer order. For example, if you received an order for a lipstick, then you could place an order for just that lipstick. With Blanka, there are no minimums! One thing to keep in mind is that production time takes 5 - 9 business days.

  3. Order inventory to yourself: If you want to handle all customer order fulfilment, then no problem! We can ship you your inventory directly.

    Note: a brand plate must be ordered to brand your inventory order.

Please note: Orders of over 50 units may take longer to fulfil in some cases, if it will take longer one of our merchant success team members will reach out.

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