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Using Blanka with Wix
How do I use Blanka with Wix?
How do I use Blanka with Wix?
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Congratulations on starting your own beauty line! With Blanka, we make it easy to sell beauty products or create your own branded products in just a few clicks.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick products you want to sell! Head over to the Find Products page in your account to browse hundreds of high-quality products from Blanka.

2. From the Find Products page you can do two things:

  • Add your logo to products: by clicking the button Add my logo to products, you can start the process of branding products. To learn more about how to create a branded product line with Blanka, read the article here.

  • Browse unbranded products: unbranded products are products that you can instantly sell on your Wix store.

3. When you find a product you like, hover over it and select View Details. From there, you can view key information such as the product description, ingredients, price, and photos. Select Add to My Products to further customize this product before adding it to your Wix store.

From the View Details page, you can also order product samples. To learn more about ordering samples, take a look at the FAQ article here.

4. Select My Products from the toolbar on the left. The My Products page features all of the products you have selected from the Find Products page.

5. From the My Products page, you have two options:

  • Order Inventory: This button allows you to order inventory in advance, so that inventory is ready to be shipped out immediately when you receive a customer order. You can also use this button to order inventory straight to your home. Note: You can only order inventory of branded products, once you have a brand plate.

  • Publish to Store: This button lets you immediately publish the product to your Wix store. You can sell products on your store instantly by selecting Publish to Store.

6. Start selling! Now that you have added products to your store, it’s time to start selling! Once you receive an order, you will be charged for the product and shipping, then the product will be shipped directly to your end customer from the Blanka warehouse.

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