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Which products will be leaving Blanka in Q2 2024?
Which products will be leaving Blanka in Q2 2024?

A list of discontinued Blanka products.

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At Blanka, our goal is provide our merchants with the highest quality and newest innovations with products. In order to do so, at times we need to replace products and/or update our catalogue. Of course, when new products launch to replace these we will be sure to let you know.

The products that will be leaving Blanka by April 17th 2024 are the following:

Product Name


Liquid Highlighter

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-LZ-LHT01

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-LZ-LHT02

Retractable Lip Liner

  • BLNK-MB-01-01-RL-RLL01

  • BLNK-MB-01-01-RL-RLL02

  • BLNK-MB-01-01-RL-RLL03

  • BLNK-MB-01-01-RL-RLL04

Dual Blend Powder Foundation

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD100

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD101

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD103

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD105

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD110

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD112

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD115

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD120

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD127

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD131

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD133

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD140

  • BLNK-MB-01-02-WD-WD145

Eye Primer

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-YP-IP10

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-YP-IP05

Eye Pencil

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-EP-J201

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-EP-J203

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-EP-J205

Lip Balm

  • BLNK-MB-03-01-LBM-LBM01

Tapered Blender Brush

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-TB-QE14

Angled Blush Brush

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-AG-QF11

Small Contour Brush

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-SC-QF12

Fan Brush

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-FB-QF22

Crease Blender

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-CB-QE10

Conceal Brush

  • BLNK-MB-01-03-CB-QF17

Dual Tip Eye Definer Pen

  • BLNK-MB-01-04-ED-A88

Next steps:

  • If you have these products listed on your store, you can continue to sell them but please note we will no longer be offering them after April 17th 2024.

  • You'll want to remove the products from your store by April 17th 2024 unless you have stored inventory to cover your sales for the product after that date.

  • We will be suggesting replacements soon, keep an eye out on the 'Find Products' page for 'New' products to sell.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to provide you with the best beauty products. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team at [email protected].

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