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Does Blanka offer volume discounts?
Does Blanka offer volume discounts?
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Order more, save more! Inventory discounts are here to get you ready for an upcoming holiday sale or your next big marketing campaign push!

Save up to 15% when you order in bulk!

Blanka offers an in-app volume discount that will automatically apply when you increase order quantities. Our discounts are based on quantity ordered per SKU.

Please find the below table to see how this applies:

Full price

5% off

10% off

15% off

1-11 units

12-48 units

49-96 units


Benefits of ordering inventory:

  • Faster turn around time shipping to your customer's door

  • Discounted product pricing to give you more money to spend on marketing and building your brand

  • Ability to plan better marketing campaigns knowing your products are ready to ship

Please note: the volume discounts only apply to the units ordered, and do not apply to additional items such as branded boxes. Volume discounts cannot be combined with other promotional codes or discounts. Volume discounts only apply to inventory orders.

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