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Using Blanka with Wix
How do I install Blanka on my Wix store?
How do I install Blanka on my Wix store?
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Installing Blanka onto your Wix store is easy!

  1. Log into the Blanka app

  2. Select My Account from the left hand toolbar

  3. Click on My Store and select the Wix logo

4. The link will take you to the Wix App Market, where you need to select Add to Site

5. Next, select which Wix site you want to add Blanka to and then select Agree & Add

6. Voila! Your Blanka account will now be connected to your Wix site

Already using Blanka with your Wix store via a CSV product upload?

Reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help you set up the direct integration!

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