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How to create variants with Blanka's products on your Shopify store
How to create variants with Blanka's products on your Shopify store

Learn how to create variants with your products

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Creating variants on your Shopify store is helpful if you want to group together colors of a particular product. Follow the steps below to set up variants on your store:

1. From your Blanka account, select the products you'd like to create variants for and publish them to your Shopify store. For more information on how to publish products, take a look at the article here.

2. In Shopify, head over to the Products page and decide which product you want to have variants. In the example below, we have selected the Automatic Eyebrow Pencil - Ash Brown.

3. Next, click into that product's details and scroll down to Options. Make sure "This product has options, like size or color" is selected.

4. Under Option name, select color

5. Then, under Option values add all of the names of the variant colors you want your product to have. Then, select Done.

6. Next, scroll down to Variants. Here, you need to add in the product variant SKUs. This step is really important, because this will inform Blanka of when you receive an order for that specific product color. To find the SKU for each of your colors, open a new tab with the Products page of your Shopify account and click on each product individually. Copy the SKU.

7. Then, paste that SKU into the Variant section of the original product. Repeat this step for all variants.

8. Click Save. Now you have color variants for each of your products! From there, you can edit details such as the product photo and price.

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